Veterans’ Day and Singles' Day.

Veterans’ Day and Singles' Day.

11.11 is the day when two holidays coincide, which means you have two good reasons to arrange a flash sale.

It’s up to you what occasion to choose. It mainly depends on your store and your intent.

Veterans Day is a holiday honoring the military and veterans in the United States. Many businesses express gratitude to the nation's army by holding special Veterans Day sales or sending messages of thanks:


[Store Name]:Happy Veterans’ Day to our armed forces and their families, who sacrifice so much to serve our nation! Check out our exclusive deals in honor of Veterans’ Day: [store link]


[Store name]: Veterans' Day flash sale! One day only! 15% off site-wide with code: VETERANS. Shop now: [store link]


Singles' Day is a shopping event that originated in China. It’s a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day when singles can make gifts for themselves in the same way couples do for each other on February 14. 

Singles' Day is primarily focused on the Chinese e-commerce marketplace AliExpress, but the event also has great potential for other countries. Why not go with it and run a Singles' Day flash sale?


[Store Name]: [Name], Happy Singles' Day! Save 20% on everything today only. Use code: TREATYOURSELF. Shop now: [store link]

When launching flash sales, you don’t have to do a lot of preparation.

Just create a promotional SMS campaign in a few minutes and update the header in your store.

Now, your Shopify store is ready for your flash sale!

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