Start asking for reviews to gain customer trust and boost sales during the holiday season

Start asking for reviews to gain customer trust and boost sales during the holiday season

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people follow or conform to the actions of others. Marketers use it to ease the doubts of customers and improve conversion rates.

There’s no denying the power of social proof: according to studies, 92% of online shoppers read reviews before buying a product and find them more trustworthy than overviews created by manufacturers. Besides credibility, customer reviews improve engagement, and because they provide additional user-generated content, they make a positive impact on SEO.

If you haven’t started collecting reviews via SMS by this time, think of doing it now. Fresh, positive reviews will help you gain customer trust and boost sales during the holiday season. The process of setting us an SMS campaign is simple, efficient, and offers a 66% higher CR compared to any other channel.

In Tobi, you don’t have to message every single buyer after they purchase. The app will automate this process. Simply set times for when to send review requests, immediately or after a few hours or days. The text message will be sent at the required time, except during quiet hours (which you select when you don’t want to message customers in a different time zone who may be sleeping).

Here are some useful tips to set up your campaign the right way:

1. Ensure your clients have enough time to enjoy their purchases. Different products need different testing periods. For example, you wouldn't ask a customer who purchased a weight-loss supplement if they were satisfied with the results the next day. However, you can immediately text clients who bought sportswear.

Thus, you need to segment your customers to be able to ask for reviews at the right time.

2. To get a higher response rate, mention the discount code for future purchases to motivate customers to spend time writing a review:

Example 1:

[Store name]: Hi [Name]! Thanks for being our customer. We'd appreciate it if you’d write a review of our product. In exchange, we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. You can leave a review by following this link: [review link]

Example 2:

[Store name]: Hi [Name]! Do you like your new [Product]? Help others out by sharing your experience. To thank you, we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next purchase: [review link]

3. You can remind your customers they can leave a review with a photo, which provides even more useful content.

4. Don’t just ask for product reviews.

Customers will be eager to leave you a review right away if your Shopify store provides great service:


[Name], Thank you for purchasing [product] from [Store name]! Please share your shopping experience with us at: [review link].

5. Appeal to your repeat customers.

Clients who choose your company on a regular basis are likely to be satisfied and will leave you positive feedback. There’s no need to wait for them to purchase before asking them for a review.

Reviews as social proof are critical content for any online store. But your customers aren't sitting around waiting for the opportunity to write it. They require a gentle reminder, and direct text messages do this job the best. They’re personal, direct, and have high open and CTR rates. So don’t forget to launch your campaign to get fresh, influential reviews before the big BFCM rush.

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