Skyrocket Your Online Business with Facebook Messenger Marketing for Shopify stores

Skyrocket Your Online Business with Facebook Messenger Marketing for Shopify stores

Social media is no longer just about the different platforms we’ve come to know and love. It’s about their messaging apps too. Facebook Messenger, for example, is a service that a whopping 1.3 billion people around the world use every single month.

That’s a service so big, it’s just crying out to be tapped into. Online businesses can now leverage Messenger to engage existing and prospective customers on a one-to-one basis. It’s possible to send relevant product/service information, special offers, abandoned shopping cart reminders - basically anything at all a customer might be interested in, through the Facebook Messenger app.

App technology has moved on in such a way that Facebook users can click on an advert within their Messenger “Chats” feed, which then enables them to directly make a purchase or begin a conversation with a retailer or merchant. Messenger is fast becoming the best way to generate leads and increase sales for many businesses - and it also provides a way to offer speedy support for customers.

Are you ready to bring your online business on board?

Tobi - A FREE Facebook Messenger Bot

Tobi is the most powerful Facebook Messenger (and SMS) app on the Shopify platform. It enables online stores to connect instantly with new or existing customers to send them a welcome message, delivery updates and promotional messages.

Many users have access to Messenger on their mobile device as well as their desktop, which means your content has every chance of being seen. With Tobi, Messenger messages are sent instantly, the moment you hit the push button.

And here’s the best part - the Tobi app can also send reminders through Messenger to prompt would-be shoppers to recover their abandoned carts, giving you a chance to win them back and convert them into paying customers.

With around 69% of online shoppers (on average) abandoning their shopping cart before reaching the checkout, there’s nothing to lose by trying Tobi out. After all, that’s a huge amount of potential sales your business could be losing out on!

Tobi - your one-stop solution for Facebook Messenger and SMS Marketing

Tobi allows you to send notifications automatically by Facebook Messenger and SMS. It’s completely free to install and it won’t cost you a penny to use the Facebook Messenger bot. (SMS charges apply if you choose to use this feature, but only then when sending messages to certain countries).

The app is incredibly easy to install and set up. You won’t need the assistance of a developer and 24/7 user support is provided. Learn more about Tobi here.

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