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Shopify made an announcement this week that they are removing thirteen apps by Beeketing, and it’s secondary company BoostFlow, from the Shopify App Store, effective August 27th, 2019.

The reason for the removal is because Beeketing have allegedly violated some of the terms of the Shopify Partner Program Agreement (see screenshot below).

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*Screenshot from Shopify.

This is the full list of apps being removed:

  • Sales Pop by Beeketing
  • Happy Messenger by Beeketing
  • Quick Facebook Chat by Beeketing
  • Boost-Sales - Upsell - Cross-sell by Beeketing
  • Countdown Cart by Beeketing
  • Mobile Converter by Beeketing
  • Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing
  • Better Coupon Box by Beeketing
  • Happy Email by Beeketing
  • Checkout Boost by Beeketing
  • Recover Cart Pusher by Beeketing
  • Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing
  • Countdown Timer & Sales Pop Up by BoostFlow

If you’re currently using one or more of these apps, you may be understandably concerned about what steps to take now. We recommend that you look for alternative apps as soon as possible, before August 27th, as these ones above will disappear from the Shopify App Store on that date and will no longer work.

As a starting point, check out the Tobi app. It provides similar functionality to some of the services offered by Beeketing, in particular, the Quick Facebook Chat app.

Tobi - an excellent alternative to Quick Facebook Chat by Beeketing

Tobi is an intelligent marketing tool for Shopify and ShopifyPlus stores. This app helps you drive more sales for your store through cleverly-timed automated marketing messages via the channels your customers and prospects know and use every day. Here are six reasons why you should install Tobi today:

1. Tobi’s FREE Facebook Messenger bot

Tobi’s Messenger bot is a free feature of the app, making it a great alternative to Quick Facebook Chat. This means that you can send as many Messenger messages to your subscribers as you like without charge. You’ll only pay for the emails and SMS campaigns that you send through Tobi.

2. Boost customer satisfaction with Messenger

Tobi’s Messenger bot allows you to provide fast, automated customer support at any time of the day. As well as using Tobi to quickly provide the answers to common questions, you can look up chat history to carry on a conversation with prospective buyers, even after they’ve left your store. Tobi helps you connect with your customers on a more personal level, which in turn, drives engagement and conversions.

3. One single dashboard for three marketing channels

Aside from Messenger, Tobi works across two other major marketing channels; SMS and email. This means you can send marketing messages which can be received on any device - all through the same app.

4. Send many types of marketing campaigns with Tobi

The Tobi app allows you to send a warm welcome message to new subscribers and keep existing customers updated about the progress of their order. You can also set up automatic abandoned cart alerts, product discounts and other promotional offers, price drop and back in stock alerts, and even wish your customers a Happy Birthday!

Tobi helps you to connect with people who have previously shown an interest in your store or products through attention-grabbing remarketing messages.

5. Integrates with Shopify Flow

An added benefit, if you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, is that Tobi works with Shopify Flow, to help you create automated workflows that will speed up your productivity and simplify your business processes.

6. Use Tobi to cross-sell and up-sell

Tobi collects data relating to customers’ shopping behaviors, so that you can cross-sell and upsell relevant products to them in the future. Tobi also helps you to win back old customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, helping you to extract more value from them.

Another Shopify app alternative

Another Beeketing alternative worth considering is Firepush - a complete all-in-one marketing solution for Shopify stores. Through Firepush, you can adopt an omnichannel marketing approach and promote your store not just via email, SMS and Messenger, but also through web push notifications too.

Web push notifications are short instant clickable messages that pop up on a subscriber’s browser, no matter what device they’re using. They’re actually twice as effective as emails, making them a good addition to your overall marketing strategy. To find out more about Firepush, click here.

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