How to Avoid Subscriber Email Fatigue

Are you seeing pitifully low email open rates when you evaluate your email marketing campaigns? Or maybe your number of unsubscribers is on the increase?

If so, the chances are that a chunk of your subscribers are suffering from email fatigue - they’re tired of your emails, and are choosing to ignore them, or opt-out of further communications.

Email fatigue is so common that you’ll probably have experienced it yourself, especially if you receive copious amounts of emails on a daily basis. But why does email fatigue occur, and how can you avoid it happening to your subscribers?

Change the frequency of your communications

Email bombardment can certainly contribute to email fatigue with readers opting out simply because they’re getting too many emails from you. But on the other hand, if you don’t send enough information to your subscribers, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with them.

There’s a fine line between too many emails and too little. Deciding on the right amount of emails to send really depends on your subscribers and how they each interact with your content. One subscriber may be perfectly happy to receive one email per week, while another may prefer to be contacted once a month.

The bottom line here is to find out how often your subscribers want to hear from you. Send out a survey and take a close look at what your data is telling you. You may want to segment your subscribers and send communications based on their timing preferences.

Offer different content choices

Another way to keep your subscribers engaged is to only send them the information they want to know about, rather than pursuing a one-size-fits-all approach.

You could add different opt-in checkboxes to your signup form so subscribers can choose whether they want to receive new product information, or special offers, or product tips, or only important information about their account.

Send informative and engaging content

Email fatigue can occur if your content is boring. So, when you do contact your subscribers, make sure your content is useful, interesting and visually appealing.

Avoid jargon and use clear, concise written language. Less is more when it comes to copywriting. Make your content easy to scan, with a prominent call to action.

Improve your subject line headings

Write a catchy subject line to grab your subscribers’ attention and increase your chances of your emails being opened. The subject line can make or break your email campaigns.

Use powerful words and focus on benefits for the reader, or the fear of missing out. Personalize the subject line too with the subscriber’s name.

Try a different communications channel

Change up your marketing communications strategy by contacting subscribers through different channels. Many businesses are now leveraging Facebook Messenger to do this.

Why? It’s a refreshingly different way to be contacted from a subscriber’s point of view, and it eliminates email fatigue altogether. Plus, more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every single month.

Better still, automate your Facebook Messenger marketing with a smart app like Tobi, which also includes automated SMS notifications too. With Tobi, you can send your subscribers promotional messages, abandoned shopping cart reminders, delivery updates and more - on autopilot!

To learn more about how Tobi can help you significantly improve your marketing efforts, check out the app here.

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