How Automated SMS Messages Can Increase Your Online Profits

How Automated SMS Messages Can Increase Your Online Profits

Did you know that text messages receive a 98% open rate, compared to email open rates of around 20%? People tend to keep their phones with them all the time; in their pocket, on their desktop, or in their bag. Furthermore, people like to check their phones frequently. Americans, for example, check their phone around 52 times per day! Think about it yourself: when was the last time you checked your phone?

Let’s face it - the “ping” of an SMS message received is too tempting to ignore. This is good news for you and your online business - you can use this “frequent checking” behaviour to your advantage through SMS marketing.

SMS marketing has little competition, compared with email and social media marketing. It offers a way to cut through the usual promotional clutter your customers will no doubt be receiving on a daily basis.

Additionally, using SMS messages to engage with your customers offers much more than the chance to capture their interest and send them back to your online store. It helps with brand awareness, and if you’re smart about the content of your messages, it can help with customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals too.

Another advantage of SMS marketing is that your messages are less likely to be seen as spam, compared to email messages, for example. It’s a good idea to carefully craft your SMS content to avoid spammy words, and refresh the content from time to time to avoid duplicate messages.

Tobi: your answer to automated SMS marketing

The Tobi SMS app allows you to send promotional SMS messages to new and existing customers once they’ve opted in to receive push notifications. This app automatically tracks customer behaviour and can be set up to send abandoned cart reminders, or special offers at times when the customer is most likely to take action.

As you can imagine, a tool like this is extremely valuable when it comes to increasing sales and profits for online businesses. You can win back customers and even cross-sell other products to them that they might be interested in.

The Tobi app can be used to send updates, such as order progression and delivery details, so you can keep your customers in the loop. Tobi aims to save you time with pre-written SMS message templates that you can use as a starting point.

Tobi also gives you access to filtered reports. These give you information about the number of orders you’ve received, how much money has been spent by customers, what orders have been placed, what location your customers are based in and much more.

Learn more about Tobi

You might be surprised to learn that Tobi is free to install, although SMS message fees may apply, depending on which country you’ll be sending messages to.

Tobi is highly rated on Shopify with 4.9 stars and 967 reviews at the time of publishing this blog post. Find out more about Tobi and how this app can benefit your online business.

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