Get delivery plan ready

Get delivery plan ready

Many text messages about sales are neglected because they’re considered as non-marketing.

However, they create positive experiences and help you earn loyal customers.

The more loyal customers you gain during this busy Black Friday period, the more repeat sales you’ll have all year long.

Order receipt and order fulfillment texts give buyers peace of mind. They also have high open rates, because customers consider them more valuable than promotional notifications. And it’s no secret that openings often lead to additional conversions. The average conversion rate of after-sale text messages is between 2-6%, depending on the order. But it’s not the main value they deliver, so don’t try to make them promotional. In fact, your business may benefit from adding marketing content after a transactional message.

You can launch an additional cross-sell campaign to activate sales in 14 days after a purchase event.

In Tobi, you have everything you need to do that, including coupon codes.

When creating an SMS, don’t forget to add all the necessary information. For instance, an order receipt message should include your store name, the customer’s name, order ID, and the total purchase amount. An Order Fulfillment message should include the store name, order ID, and the delivery deadline. 

To avoid interruptions in your SMS flow, use safe sending to ensure check your messages won't be tagged as spam and adjust the timing if needed.

Using after-sale notifications shows that you care about the customer’s experience and want to keep them informed about their order. This is especially important during the holidays because customers always worry about receiving their orders on time. If you deliver the goods, your clients will become your brand advocates.

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