All Eyes On Shopify Unite As They Announce The Shopify Fulfillment Network - Making Shipping A Whole Lot Easier

Shopify Unite understands the challenges faced by both buyers and merchants alike today when it comes to shipping. That’s why at their latest conference, they announced plans to roll out The Shopify Fulfillment Network, a network that is believed by many to be the answer to everyone’s shipping problems.

We attended their Shopify Unite Conference which took place in Toronto, Canada from June 18th to June 20th. We’re so excited to report on the developments of the conference as we witnessed firsthand the unveiling of this project and some other great plans that Shopify has in store to make shipping problems a thing of the past - literally.

Shopify Unite Has The Answer To Today’s Shipping Crisis

It’s no secret that shipping can be a nightmare both for the consumer as well as the vendor. So many times, people get deterred from checking out their online carts for fear that the worst may happen.

And with good reason. From the buyer’s perspective, a huge turn-off is always the often long and arduous wait associated with receiving their shipment, one which oftentimes presents a huge inconvenience, especially when they need their goods the most. That, on-top-of the added fees associated with online shopping (like the start-up fees for those new to the shipping world) make buyers switch off their Shopify App and head to their local stores to make a purchase.

What’s more, suppliers and merchants constantly struggle with third-party shipment carriers who have their own issues when it comes to delivering shipments. As a supplier, you cannot risk jeopardizing the quality and reputation of your business’ branding because of a third-party’s poor delivery.

This is where Shopify has designed the right solution for these problems. With the Shopify Fulfillment Network, Shopify guarantees you a faster and more reliable shipping experience both for the supplier and the vendor. It’s a win-win situation. Tests have already been conducted with the current network in the United States, although the complete version has yet to be launched.

What Is Shopify Fulfillment Network?

In a nutshell, Shopify hopes to combine cutting-edge technology which is sensitive to geographical data with high-powered sensory machinery that will optimize and quicken delivery through precise calibrations.

The speed and efficiency of shipment deliveries will be facilitated through a combination of cyber networks that Shopify pledges will make shipment difficulties a thing of the past.

Although the platform is new, buyers can already sign up to gain early access to Shopify Fulfillment Network when it will be launched.

Shopify was also sure to boost the appeal of the platform by announcing that it will facilitate exchanges and returns on products as well as store branding and custom packaging, which is great news for persons who might require personalized shipping.

Shopify Fulfillment Network - Expectations For Users

Although we touched on some of them briefly, below, we’ve outlined some of the major perks that users can expect from Shopify’s latest project.

  • Accuracy
    Rates for packaging, shipping, and order pick-ups are approximated at 99.5% significantly reducing the room for error while simultaneously securing quick delivery of your package.
  • Quality-Assurance and Control
    A dedicated professional accounts and logistics manager who supervises the work done at the warehouse to maintain the quality of the service provided by the relevant personnel.
  • Secured And Easily-Accessible Logs
    All warehouses and relevant shopping channels will receive the latest updates on the status of the shipment in a synchronized manner. What’s more,there will be a back office that is charged with making sure that all orders, customer info, and inventory are up-to-date. This will play a huge role in minimizing the room for errors. With this platform, suppliers will also be able to program inventory checks that will revise the levels of stocks available.

There you have it - Shopify’s latest announcement detailed right here for you. You can get some more information on their release by checking out this article. There’s a lot more that was shared by the company at their conference - later, we’ll be posting some more highlights from the conference.

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